The Change

I have been thinking about all of us women entering into this amazing life-changing transition called perimenopause and menopause or, the change. And I have noticed some things about us that I wanted to share with you.

After working with so many women for so many years, I’ve learned something about the experience many of us have at “midlife” and I want you to tell me if you can relate.

It goes like this:

You feel that the best part of your life is ahead of you. You seek out and embrace opportunities to expand and grow as a human being, to fulfill your purpose, to learn, take risks and expand your horizons.

You understand intuitively that the previous 40-50 years of your life – all those losses, gains, mistakes, and loves gave you the wisdom and depth to appreciate the next decades of your life so much more.

It feels as if nothing can stop you, that your determination, love and passion for life can carry you through anything…

And yet,

Even in the midst of this passionate urge to engage with Life, your body trails behind, trying to keep up.

Your brain is not as sharp as it used to be and sometimes fails you.

You often feel down, or sad, or angry, for no apparent reason.

You are impatient to feel good in your body and mind, so you can keep doing what you love!

It’s a kind of crazy contradiction: your potential seems to rise while your energy and stamina falls. You are no longer the person you were, and have not yet become the person you will be.

What’s going on?

This, my dear woman, is what’s called “the change.” Read it like it is. It really is a time of opposites, of loss and gain, of passion and quiet.

Biologically, your body puts the brakes on baby making (at last!). Hormone production slows down, looking for new equilibrium.

This means an enormous amount of energy and potential for personal growth is freed up as your procreative years wind down.

What do you do?

Recognize it’s a time of change, and choose to make it a time of reinvention.

This is a choice that you must nurture.

SelfCare at this time, is of the utmost importance – it will help you close that gap between where your body and brain are at, and your vision for your next decades. It will give you the energy you need to invest in yourself at this crucial time.

The choices you make at this time will influence you, your health and wellbeing for the next half of your life so choose wisely.

I envision women who are ready to invest in themselves, ready to grapple with their true dreams and desires, ready to throw off old-fashioned expectations and limiting beliefs, and set a course for the unknown. Ready to come into their own.

These transitional years can be the most exciting of your life, even though they may arrive amidst some struggle and confusion. Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

How do you relate to this?

Write me and let me know! Let’s share and expand this vision together – Katherine

Banner photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash