Aromatherapy, Saffron and PMS

Saffron was used 3,500 years ago for the treatment of PMS and there are now studies showing our ancestors were right!

Taking saffron can help reduce all the symptoms of PMS right across the board – anxiety, mood, headaches, fatigue, pain, cramping, cravings etc…

Here’s a short video on how this works. 

Apparently a little pinch goes a long way, but as you may know, saffron is the most expensive spice on the planet – it takes 50,000 crocuses to produce just one pound of the delicate, orangey-red stamens!

Luckily, this spice made from the reproductive organs of a tiny flower, is so powerful, that merely smelling it can get you the same results.

This is called aromatherapy – the art of using aromatic plants and plant oils and to improve one’s physical, mental, emotional, and psychological well-being.  Aromatherapy is extremely effective at relieving the negative symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause.Here’s a 2 minute video on the benefits of smelling saffron.

Studies show that simply smelling saffron helps elevate your mood by affecting serotonin levels, and also relieves PMS, menstrual pain, and irregular menstruation, and reduces cortisol levels!

I love this remedy since it works on so many levels and it’s an inexpensive way to enjoy the most expensive spice on earth!

You can go here to watch the video. 

And you can start getting benefits right away by purchasing a small vial of saffron, keeping it nearby and making sure you are enjoying it’s scent for about 20 minutes a day. (I have a small vial I got on Amazon – search for a reputable seller!) 

It smells different to everyone, but to me it has a rich musky smell, sometimes a little tinny. It should smell fresh and vital, not moldy or musty.Banner Photo by Mohammad Amiri on UnsplashCrocus Photo by Michelle Gallagher on Unsplash