Are your dreams and goals being compromised by a body and brain that aren’t working?

It may feel like your body has turned on you,
that it’s all downhill from here…

But –

It is possible to balance moods, weight, and energy and get YOU back. 

(Even if you feel out of control..
and can’t remember what it’s like to feel “normal”.)

Put your game face on.


Is Menopause taking you for a ride?

Time to kick butt and get the support and information you need to get your mind, your body, and your life back on track.

As a certified holistic health coach and menopause guide, I know how to help you.

Work with me, and you’ll get the relief you are looking for and feel confident and comfortable in your body again. 

Here’s how we can work together:


Get some YOU time. With personal coaching I work with you one-on one to get to the heart of your challenges and makes reaching your goals easy.

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Fuel the life you love – Love the foods that love you back.

Let food be your friend, your lover, and your guardian angel. Get Recipes: