Body Wisdom – The art of tuning in to what you need.

The mission of this blog is to free your body and brain from hormonal havoc, so you can start living the life you choose, not the life you just let happen…

So today I want to share with you something you can start doing immediately to be the master of your own life, health and energy:


Listen to your body.

Your body and brain are always talking to you, always sending you messages…

Messages you’ve probably been taught to ignore or repress, and just keep right on moving.

So the first thing you need to do is, slow down, and tune in.

What do you hear?

After years and years of ignoring your body’s messages to self, it may be confusing at first.

It may take some time and patience to understand the language again.

For example:

  • A headache is not your brain saying it needs an aspirin
  • Fatigue is not your body saying it needs a cup of coffee
  • Anxiety is not your mind saying it needs a glass of wine

These are all shout-outs that something is out of balance and needs your attention – maybe you need some water, or minerals, or stretching, or rest, or less time slouching in front of the computer…(note to self!)

So instead of ignoring or overriding your body’s desperate messages to self, here’s what you can do:

  • Be patient and compassionate with yourself
  • Slow down and listen carefully to any physical, mental, or emotional pain or discomfort you feel as a cry for help
  • If you’ve been ignoring signals from your body for a long time, be prepared to do some detective work to figure out what your body and brain are trying to tell you
  • Get the support of an interpreter if necessary – a naturopath, functional medicine doctor, integrative nutritionist, acupuncturist or health coach can help you understand what your body is trying to tell you.

Ten years from now, make sure you can say, “I chose my life, I didn’t settle for it.” ––You

The important thing is to get back on speaking terms with your body. This is the first step in SelfCare.

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Banner Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash