Get Rid of Depression – Play in the Dirt!

Let’s play in the dirt!!… The warmer weather is steering me away from the to-do list, and the garden beckons.

Get dirty

I am seduced by the dirt. Getting my hands and feet in it is a passion of mine

I try to wear gloves, but sooner or later they come off and my senses are delighted by the soil. Yes, soil 

As a result, my hands are like sandpaper, but for me, there is no better way to relax. The happiness index is through the roof!

I’ve always known that being in the dirt, I call it “full body gardening” had a miraculous effect on my moods, I can even get rid of depression with  just a few minutes of digging..

It turns out that “Soil microbes called Mycobacterium vaccae are proven to have a natural antidepressant effect on the brain.” 

Well that just says it all 

Getting your hands in the dirt may not be your thing, but, it turns out you may want to consider it anyways, for your health and wellbeing…

In our culture here in the West, we avoid dirt like the plague, and it’s leading to compromised health and immunity, and a disconnection from nature that leads to unhappiness and even mental disorders.

There is a lot research being done on this, and many articles being written, but this blog by Dr. Christian Northrup says it all.

When you’ve read it be prepared to run outside and dig a little in the dirt, or if you live in the city, join a community garden, or get a bag of potting soil and a real live plant and repot it.

It will do wonders for your whole self, if not your hands…

Banner Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash