Increase Your Oxytocin With All-Day Awe-Gasms

Awe-gasm…isn’t that a great word? And today you are going to learn how to increase your oxytocin levels with all-day awe-gasms… THat’s right… All. Day. Long.

When you are focused on increasing moments of pleasure throughout your day, you also increase your levels of oxytocin which in turn reduces stress and balances hormones.

Orgasms increase your oxytocin levels very well! And so do moments of awe and wonder and connection – awe-gasms.

Just like a regular orgasm, you can have awe-gasms with a partner, or you can give them to your yourself for your own pleasure.

So the question is, “How do I give myself an awe-gasm?”

(No special equipment is required!)

First of all you need to be aware of what makes YOU feel happy and connected! It will be slightly different for everyone. Here are just a few examples:

  • cuddling with your cat, dog, parrot etc..
  • witnessing something beautiful in nature: a sunset, snow falling, birds flying, sunlight streaming through a window, flowers….
  • enjoying a funny moment and laughing, by yourself, or with another
  • tasting something unbelievably good and nourishing
  • witnessing or practicing acts of kindness and generosity
  • relaxing in a hot tub, reading a good book, making art

The funny thing about this? These might already be a part of your daily experience.

But, if you don’t acknowledge them, or take a moment or a minute, to savor them, they pass, and never become full-fledged awe-gasms with their oxytocin benefits.

So look for and find and create those moments that put You in awe and wonder, that make You feel connected and whole in the world, and savor them. Each and every one!

When you do this, you will be having awe-gasms all day long.

Attention: Even if you are in that place that says, “F it, nothing makes me happy right now!”, you can kickstart your pleasure biochemistry.

Smile, even if you are not happy… taste, feel, touch, explore. Look for beauty. You will notice the difference in your health – body and mind!

You can also watch this video clip of myself and Mary Campbell, who coined the word “awe-gasm”, talking about oxytocin.

Or you can listen to our whole discussion, “Pleasure in the Pause”in the Ultra Pink Menopause Survival Kit (on sale now).

Banner Photo by Raychan on Unsplash