Romance in Menopause

Romance in Menopause? Can you say oxymoron? Actually, it’s more possible and probable than you would ever think…

I just did an interview for a summit all about being madly in love and full of romance while in menopause. (You will hear more about this in September.)

Let’s just say, I have been told I am not the most romantic person in the world in the typical flowers, candles, and kissing kind of way.

So I had to think deeply – what is romance to me?

And I realized that for me it doesn’t start with being in love with a partner, it starts with being in love with myself, and with life. Those moments of being fully alive in my body and the mystery and beauty of the world, are the most romantic to me.

I found this definition of romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. I think it’s perfect.

Barefoot legs in the grass

Now, I realize your preferred experience of romance may be with a lover, partner, or mysterious stranger.

And, I encourage you to find ways to bring romance into your life without the focus on someone else.

And, you don’t have to give up on the candles, soft music, or low lighting…

What about:

  • making yourself a delicious dinner, with music, and candles, and enjoying it alone
  • a bath in the same setting as above
  • reading erotic literature while lying in a hammock with a cool breeze blowing
  • lying naked in the grass and watching the birds and the bees
  • contemplating philosophical ideas that give you new and exciting insights into life
  • traveling somewhere new and interesting or beautiful by yourself

Romance nourishes the soul. It is a deep communion with the mystery of life and love. And it can be whatever does that for you. What do you do to bring romance into your life?