3 ways to be really naughty…

Now for the fun stuff – let’s talk about being naughty.

Do you feel stifled by the idea that you need to do everything perfectly or not at all?

Have you ever thought, “if I don’t eat all the right foods all the time, then I have failed. And since I already failed by even thinking about that cheese pizza or chocolate cake, well then I’ll just eat this whole bar of chocolate or bag of chips and wash it down with this bottle of wine. HA!”

You are not alone! The pressure to be perfect often leads to the impulsive need to be wildly imperfect. You might even say it leads to the need to be “naughty”, or to a big FU to the world!

Most, if not all, of the women I work with talk about the need to be naughty, to break the rules.

And I totally support naughtiness. At least, real naughtiness – breaking rules, turning the status quo on it’s head, freeing us up from old ideas and inhibitions.

So, is eating a big fat muffin with a not so skinny latte breaking the rules or going against the status quo? Is that really a big fat FU to the world?

Or are you the ultimate recipient of that FU?

Don’t fool yourself. Undermining your desire to be healthy and vital and strong is not being naughty. You’re doing exactly what 90% of women do and it is totally and absolutely socially acceptable.

Giving in and giving up is not rebellious, and doesn’t lead to freedom. Taking the path of least resistance IS. NOT. NAUGHTY.

So what is real naughtiness? Being naughty is doing the thing that is frowned upon, that is socially unacceptable.

Have you noticed that when you don’t make excuses or go along with everyone else’s excuses, it’s scary for other people? It’s not socially acceptable, and, it’s not your problem.

How about a big FU to sugar? How many women do you know have the guts to do that? Another socially unacceptable stand that will make people more uncomfortable than having sex in public.

How about being seduced by how great you feel in your body, and ignoring all the false promises that would lead you away from that pleasure?

Now that would ruffle some feathers and shake up the status quo. A middle aged woman saying FU to socially acceptable excuses, and loving herself and her sensuality…

Try this on for naughtiness – 3 ways to be really naughty:

  • next time you or someone else is depressed instead of colluding over a drink or a sugar binge, get out and exercise.
  • next time you find yourself making excuses about why you can’t follow through on your dreams, stop, and take a risky step toward making it happen.
  • next time you catch yourself thinking you can’t do anything yet because you are too fat, or too tired, too hormonal, or too dumb, too poor, or just not perfect yet… don’t wait, do one thing to follow through and flip the bird to the status quo.

Be naughty, buck the system, break the rules of how women are supposed to be. You don’t need to be the perfect weight, the perfect caregiver, worker, or partner to be the force of nature that you are.

I want to break the status quo by giving you the tools to go beyond the cultural and personal expectations you have for yourself!