Not Your Mama’s Menopause – part 1

Here’s the situation: for so many of us, the experience of peri/menopause is a cascade of realizations: First, we thought it would never happen to us; second, the information available to us is often conflicting and causes more confusion; and third, this is not your mama’s menopause.

Think about this: 100 years ago, when the average lifespan was 40, most women didn’t live long enough to experience menopause. How’s that for a brain scrambler…

And 50 years ago, turning 50 meant you were probably a grandma. The kids had been out of the house (for years) and were married with their own kids.

Fast forward to 2014: who would have thought you would be going through menopause while working full-time, taking care of aging parents, with a husband/partner going through their own mid-life crisis, and possibly young children or teenagers still in school? Hell, maybe even you back in school!?

These things never came together in such a perfect storm before our generation. Compared to our mother’s and their mother’s world, we have a very different set of challenges to negotiate.

And these stresses lead to a very different experience of peri/menopause and can create their own hormonal imbalances…
So while we are lucky to have way more information and choices available to us than our moms did, we are also in a new and completely different reality, one that is largely uncharted.

While you are busy just trying to deal with all the curve balls coming your way, I want you to know that you can choose what you want your life to look like and take control in a positive way.

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