Not Your Mama’s Menopause Part 3

In Part 2 of Not your Mama’s Menopause I introduced the challenge of redefining womanhood for 40-60 somethings as our realities change. 

In part 3 we’ll look into how our perspective on aging has radically shifted. Our expectations are very different than those of our mothers.  We look and act 10 or 20 years younger than our mothers did at our age. We are more active (or plugged in), and 1,000 times more informed about how to live long and healthy lives. 

We do not expect to age or slow down (thought bubble: it will never happen to me), so when we find ourselves succumbing to the forces of gravity and hormonal fluctuations, we do not necessarily go gracefully or willingly!

In spite of all our newfangled freedoms, we feel more confused and betrayed by our bodies than ever. Why is this happening? 

Here’s what I see: We have more freedom of choice and control over our lives and bodies than women have ever had. Including the freedom to push ourselves to the limit without taking time to replenish or take care of ourselves. 

So when we enter into peri/menopause our world gets turned upside down. We used up most of our resources being superwoman. Now, after years of unhealthy lifestyle habits, and without the energy needed to make the transition, we start to poop out. 

We get caught off guard, and experience a loss of control over our bodies, minds, and emotions, often right when we are hitting our stride in other ways. 

So many paradoxes!

  • Freed up from our biology on the one hand, burdened and oppressed by it on the other.
  • Unparalleled access to a wealth of information and health care options, but without clear answers or directions on how to fix what seems to be broke.

So, although a lot has changed for us women, one thing that has not changed at all is this mysterious biological process called menopause. It will come knocking, softly or loudly, at your door. 

It can’t be stopped. It is a transition that will occur, whether or not we are ready or know how to deal with it.

But all is not lost, even if you find yourself at your wits end, with no ruby slippers to get you home.

There is a reliable way to achieve balance and regain control. It is simple, profoundly positive, and wildly effective. And it is backed by traditional wisdom, scientific research, and subjective experience. 

Time and time again I have seen it work miracles for women around the world. It is a holistic approach to adopting basic healthy lifestyle practices. 

In a nutshell, how you eat, drink, sleep, and move your body. How you take care of yourself!

It’s time to respect your body, to rebuild your inner resources and take control in a new and different way. This is why peri/menopause could be the best wake up call you have ever had.

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