Why MBodied?

These are not your granny’s panties.

You’re WAY different than your grandma was at your age. But all the same, things are changing. . .

You used to be able to stay up all night. You used to pride yourself on getting everything done. And now you’d just about trade your entire kingdom for a bar of chocolate, a glass of wine, and a three-hour nap.

Your life seems ruled by a combination of weight gain, anxiety, hot flashes, panic attacks, mood swings, low libido, poor memory–you name it! And willpower (that mythical beast!) seems to have abandoned the premises.

You know that if this goes unchecked for too long, you’ll be in big trouble as the years go on and your weight creeps up five pounds at a time. . . but your body and mind are NOT cooperating, and you can’t manage to whip up the energy you need to figure your way out of this mad cycle.

Advertisements on TV are hawking wonder drugs that promise to keep you slim, beautiful, sexy, and happy–IF the list of side effects don’t scare you off completely! You’re wondering if your best choice is to sucumb to the downhill decline of your health, energy, and mind. (As you try to remember where you put your keys, again.) Alas, you’ve pretty much given up on ever feeling sexy again.

Yet, you’re not convinced this is it. This can’t be what the future holds for you! This definitely was not in the plan.

You’re right. You don’t have to settle for a body that feels like it’s failing you. You are the MASTER of your life. And it’s time to stop listening to the voices that tell you any different. You’re smarter than that.

It’s time to take back control.

You CAN have a body that is a pleasure to be in. A body that is strong, vital, and one that you know is sexy as hell.

Peri/menopause is NOT the beginning of the end. Aging and beauty DO go together! Let your lust for life lead the way stable moods, weight, and energy. These things and more are yours if you want it.

Life is a journey, so why not have everything you need for the BEST ride possible?

I’m Katherine Miller, health coach and advocate for your highest health. Menopause is a trip and I am a trusted guide. I can show you an easy path to a trustworthy reliable body, and it’s much quicker than traveling alone. Ready to join me on this wild ride?