Vitaclay Programmable Cookers

My favorite smart cooker is the VitaClay Chef. I use the Vitaclay at least twice a week to cook whole grains, beans, and stews.

I love that I can serve and store food in the clay pot itself. There are many different models to choose from, I use the 6-cup programmable version, but if you are cooking larger soups and stews I would recommend the 8-cup.

With the programming option you can set it up in the morning and then have hot freshly cooked beans or soup etc… at the end of the day. And I don’t burn my food as much, since I have a tendency to forget I have a pot on the stove!

The VitaClay keeps everything at just the right temp until I am ready, or I remember :).

And clay is so much safer than the usual aluminum or coated metal inserts that most cookers use. So it’s healthier, and everything tastes better too!

Vitaclay is offering 50% off VitaClay cookers AND their newest cookbook, Savor Your Life.

Enter the code AFFLT-50-FREEBOOK at checkout before 11:59 pm(PST) on December 24th to get your deal. 

From the website:
Organic unglazed clay activates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extra flavors and nutrients from your recipes while increasing digestibility.

Clay is also alkalizing—everything the ancients prized in healthy cookware, superior taste and perfect texture and synergistic properties—clay working together with your foods and spices to create a synergistic partnership to let food be your medicine—right in your own kitchen.

  • Promotes even consistent cooking for perfect textures
  • Integrates flavor molecules for amplified taste so you can reduce sweeteners, salt and oil.
  • Naturally alkalinizes foods and preserves important nutrients
  • Assists with easy digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Unparalleled Health benefits

VitaClay® helps you stay friends with the planet by saving precious time and valuable eco-resources.

The website also has a ton of recipes and ideas. And they also make great Christmas, wedding, graduation, and housewarming presents!

Katherine Miller

Katherine is the founder of As an executive health coach and master plant-powered chef, she specializes in Mbodied Mastery for ambitious professional women, empowering them to live the life they love and make their mark in the world.