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question-mark-orange-circle_24What’s happening to my body? OK, I’m getting older (which is scary), but I have no idea what is really going on!

question-mark-orange-circle_24And, what is menopause, exactly!?

question-mark-orange-circle_24Why does it feel like I am losing control of my body, mind, and emotions at times?

question-mark-orange-circle_24My doctor just wants to give me a pill…are there no other options?

It’s maddening!


02E66372There’s a code of silence around menopause. No one talks about it, until they have to!

Most of what you hear are negative jokes about low libido, hotflashes, and memory loss.

Or you’ll find ads for this pill or that supplement guaranteed to stop night sweats and get your sexy back.


And worst of all, when you get up the courage to ask your doctor, they may just look down their nose at you for daring to ask questions about things you couldn’t possibly understand. (That happened to me.)


None of this puts you in the driver’s seat, and that’s where you need to be!


The Menopause Survival Quiz will help you understand
what is happening to you.

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exclamation_24how to manage stress without having to hide in a closet

exclamation_24tried and true methods that balance your moods, energy, and weight

exclamation_24the best ways to support your body during peri-menopause and menopause

exclamation_24what to ask your doctor so you can get the answers you need

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In the Menopause Survival Short Course, you’ll hear from:

Dr. Anna Cabeca on the best and safest forms of HRT and what to ask your doctor for.

Dr. Alan Christianson settles the carb mystery forever and shares his tricks for managing the stress that knocks our hormones for a loop.

Magdalena Wszelaki on how to nourish your body & get quick results from the foods you eat.

Kathie Madonna Swift on beating the bloat and mastering your hormones by balancing your gut.

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