Indulge Without the Bulge

The season of temptation is upon us, igniting all sorts of lustful cravings for food and drink and excess consumption in general!

When you add in all the stress around holiday expectations, you could be lookin’ at an extra 5-10 pounds in the mirror come 2019…

What’s a naturally lusty wench to do when faced with so many opportunities to indulge?

My hands down favorite tool for indulging without the bulge is simple.


Say it slowly. Draw. it. out.

Soften that S into an invitation for the sensual, enjoy your teeth against your lower lip as you tease out the V, then roll the R around on your tongue…

The art of savoring is like devouring the sexiest blues song you can imagine, tasting a beautiful sunset, hearing the squeak of mushrooms frying in butter, the smell of sun on your skin.

It all happens in your body and mind wherever you happen to be. And you can savor anything you choose, any time, anywhere.

The more you savor your experiences, the richer and fuller your life becomes.

And, it’s an immediate stress buster, slowing you down, bringing you fully into the present, saturating your senses with pleasure and satisfaction.

I invite you to savor the experience of your next Christmas party. Choose your experiences carefully. Hang out with the most positive people. Only eat or drink the very best, most awesome food.

Does your colleague make the absolute best butter cookies?

Have one, and if you savor it, really really smell the perfume-y vanilla, hear the crunch, taste the buttery-sugary implosion in the mouth, and feel the pleasure it gives you, I bet you won’t need another one.

To savor you need to slow down, take a breath, and change your approach to life.

For best results, you will also need to plan a little, just a little. Eat a good, high protein breakfast and lunch. Have a healthy snack. Savor these too!

Then when you are surrounded by food and drink meant to be savored in small amounts, you will be even more successful at being moderate.

Good-bye holiday bulge, hello sensuous self!

SelfCare Tips
Try these holiday teas for a flavor sensation that satisfies your craving for sweets and rich novel flavors. They have the added benefit of phytonutrients and antioxidants.