Gourmet Ice Cubes

Nothing better than a cold, icy drink in the summer…until the ice melts and waters it down, chasing away the bubbles and the flavor…

One of my favorite tricks in the summer is to take all the cucumbers that got away from me and grew way too big, juice them, and freeze them into ice cubes. I store them in ziplock bags and use them in soda water, margaritas, smoothies, chilled soups, and vegetable juices.

You can add all sorts of interesting things, and as the cube melts its treasure is slowly released into your drink, increasing rather than diluting the flavors:

  • Lemon or lime juice adds a cooling summer tartness. Juicing the peels gets you even more flavor and immune boosting nutrients.
  • Fresh summer herbs add unique and surprising notes – run them through the juicer or chop them and add them whole: thyme with beet and carrot juice, basil with tomato juice, lavender with blueberries…
  • Edible flowers add exotic beauty – a few blue borage flowers sunk into each cube, some rose petals, nasturtiums, or yellow calendula petals…
  • Fresh berries add color and texture so you can chew your drink

To get yourself started try this basic recipe, adjusting the quantities to suit your tastes!

Cucumber, Celery & Dill Ice-cubes

I recommend buying organic veggies and fruits when making juices to reduce your exposure to chemicals

4 cucumbers – unpeeled, unless they are waxed
1 bunch celery
2-4 lemons
1 bunch dill

  • Juice roughly equal amounts of cucumber and celery, enough to make 4 cups
  • Cut the lemon into quarters and juice with the skin on for more nutrient and a stronger flavor
  • Add small amounts of dill to the juicer and taste test until you have the flavor you prefer
  • Stir well and pour into an ice-cube tray
  • Once they are frozen, pop them out and place in small freezer bags in the freezer