Earthing for Hormone Balance

Spring, spring, spring, the earth is warming here in New England. I find myself drawn to wandering around the leaf strewn yard in my bare feet. (Especially since my husband has so carefully cleaned up the dog doo…)

A shudder of energy and ecstasy runs from the soles of my feet through my whole body, and I am instantly relaxed and revived. What just happened? Well, According to the latest scientific research, I’ve been “earthing”, drawing electrons from the earth’s natural charge. Because our bodies have an intimate relationship with the electrons in the earth. Simply walking barefoot on any soil, sand, rock, grass, or natural earth surface has amazing health benefits.

And you can experience them instantly!

Research shows that walking barefoot on the earth has benefits including better sleep, heart health, reduced stress and increased immune function. You will also experience a calmer nervous system and a more balanced endocrine systems. Sounds good to me! Try it and tell me how it feels. Banner Photo by Muhammad Ruqiyaddin on Unsplash