Cooling Cucumber Cocktail

What better way to chill than with a cocktail made with cooling cucumbers and lime?


Truth be told, I had no idea how to even make a cocktail until recently, when visiting friends introduced us to the art.


Since I love tasting and enjoying new flavors, and making healthy new drinks, it’s perfect addition to my repertoire!


Second truth be told, we have a lot of cucumbers! I’ve been pickling, making  harvest salads, juicing, and eating them like apples…


And I freeze a lot of the juice into ice-cubes to throw into smoothies, or add to soda water, etc…


All this led me to consider the possibility of a cucumber cocktail that can be made with or without alcohol.


The thing I like most about the whole cocktail trend, is the ritual. Rituals are by nature a time out. A moment to savor. What you include in this ritual is up to you.


Cool as a Cucumber Cocktail


Attention: start by putting 4 cocktail glasses in the freezer!


2 shots best quality gin (or tequila if you like that better)


2 shots Elderflower liqueur, I use a wonderful organic one


4 shots cucumber juice – see below


1 shot lime juice – fresh


Herbamare to rim the glasses, or sea saltcucumber blog


cucumber slices




-if you like a sweeter drink add 2 tsp of agave


-if you have cucumber ice cubes, consider floating one in the cocktail once they are poured


  • Place some Herbamare or sea salt on a plate, take the cold cocktail glasses and rub the rims in the salt Place a big handful of ice in a cocktail shaker


  • Add the other ingredients and shake until completely chilled


  • At this point you can taste and make adjustments for more lime etc…


  • Pour quickly into glasses, garnish with a cucumber slice, and enjoy!




  • You can leave out the alcohol and add a couple of shots of soda water or tonic instead


  • If you have a juicer, run the cukes through with the skins and seeds


  • if you don’t have a juicer, blend the cukes up really well and place in a sieve over a bowl to strain out the pulp


The flavor of the cucumber really comes through in this drink, and the Herbamare compliments it nicely. On a hot, late summer night, it could be just the right thing.


Let me know if you try this! And if you make adjustments or swaps to the ingredients – share your discoveries in the comments below 🙂


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Katherine Miller

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