7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse

Matcha Cucumber Mint Cooler

Matcha is a great morning or afternoon pick-me up, especially paired with protein and healthy fats to keep your energy steady, nutrition high, and calories low. It’s even better on hot days because of the cooling cucumber and mint that is instantly refreshing.

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cashew mint ice-cream

Cashew Mint Ice-cream

I scooped ice-cream for 5 summers in a row until I was 18. That was back when radical variations on vanilla, strawberry and chocolate were just becoming popular… Licorice voodoo – vanilla with black, yes, deep, shiny, black swirls, was one of my favorites. 

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healthy fat avocados

Healthy Fats

It is amazing how the fear of fat has made us even fatter! Here is a quote from a recent study, “Diets high in fat do not appear to be the primary cause of the high prevalence of excess body fat in our society, and reductions in fat will not be a solution.”

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pumpkin chia parfaits on dessert table

Pumpkin Chia Parfaits

This pumpkin parfait recipe is one of the best uses of pumpkin ever and a perfect Halloween treat. The healthy fat, fiber, and protein in the chia seeds, the nutritional benefits of the luscious fats in the coconut milk and oil, and the nutrient dense sweetness of the squash or sweet potatoes make for a…

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