7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse

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Glowing, radiant skin is one of the first things you will notice when you start taking care of your health. Of course, what you put in your body will have the greatest effect on the quality of your skin, hands down. What you put on your body is the next important step.

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food production

The Price You Pay: Part II

I think a lot about food and eating because I find it to be a useful portal into our humanity. The way we choose to feed ourselves personally and collectively has implications for every aspect of our lives.

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Healthy Fats

It is amazing how the fear of fat has made us even fatter! Here is a quote from a recent study, “Diets high in fat do not appear to be the primary cause of the high prevalence of excess body fat in our society, and reductions in fat will not be a solution.”

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The Price You Pay: Part I

We’ve been duped. And we don’t want to be unduped. Everything has a price, or so we say… Time is precious, or so we say…. Understanding the truth of these things takes a little investigation and a lot of heart.

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