7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse

DIY Body Butter

Many of the hormonal imbalances you can experience in menopause are caused or exacerbated by years of exposure to chemical ingredients in our personal care products. The best way to avoid these chemicals is to look for them on the label.

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Apple Salmon Caesar Salad

Caesar salads are one of my favorites, but my husband is allergic to anchovies, and I am not fond of boring croutons. So I spruced up this salad with some lovely fall apples and toasted sunflower seeds for crunch and warmth.

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Chia Bubble Tea

Have you tried, bubble tea yet? That slurpy slippery iced tea with tapioca pearls in it? Ok – I realize that 50% of the people reading this are going yum and the other 50% are probably gagging right now…

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