7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse

Kefir Mango Cilantro Lassi

Warmer weather ignites my desire for simple and vital smoothies. I am always experimenting to see what ingredients I can combine to create an easily digestible, nutrient rich experience of sensual pleasure. The kefir mango cilantro lassi is a new twist on an old favorite.

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Love of chocolate leads to better lovin’

We have all been there, stressful day = “where’s the chocolate!?!?” Apparently we are smarter than we know! Science has now officially validated what women had already discovered, that chocolate contains compounds that have a positive effect on how our bodies produce and manage stress hormones.

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Self-care Sunday-edible face masks

Glowing, radiant skin is one of the first things you will notice when you start taking care of your health. Of course, what you put in your body will have the greatest effect on the quality of your skin, hands down. What you put on your body is the next important step.

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nut nog

Nut Nog

Drink to your health! One of my favorite holiday treats is egg nog, but I stopped drinking it because of all the sugar, dairy, and unhealthy fats. Then I discovered this much healthier version – nut nog!

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chai tea

Hot & Spicy Homemade Chai

Drink to your health! Ginger is a fantastic aid to digestion and is considered a panacea in Asian countries. You may be surprised, as I was my first time in India, to find out what other spices go into chai.

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