Katherine Miller

Katherine is the founder of Mbodiedwomen.com. As an executive health coach and master plant-powered chef, she specializes in Mbodied Mastery for ambitious professional women, empowering them to live the life they love and make their mark in the world.

Sharpen Up Your Brain Power

I have been experimenting with the supplements, food and lifestyle practices that sharpen up my brain power for many years, searching for those lifestyle practices that give me the best energy and clarity.

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Hugs for Hormone Balance

I would like to turn your attention to oxytocin, the love molecule, and how you can use hugs for hormone balance. This molecule is so so so important to every aspect of your mental and physical health!

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9 libido enhancing foods

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, with all the joys of giving and receiving chocolate, a food with a rich history associated with love and passion for centuries. But what about all the other foods that support our sensuality, lust, and libido?

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