Katherine Miller

Katherine is the founder of Mbodiedwomen.com. As an executive health coach and master plant-powered chef, she specializes in Mbodied Mastery for ambitious professional women, empowering them to live the life they love and make their mark in the world.

You Are A Leader

I just spent the weekend with my grandsons… They’re at those early ages where they switch in an instant from happy, loud, loving and adventurous to scared, mad, hurt and/or demanding.

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Nettles for Bone Health

Something I haven’t talked about here yet is bone health. You may be thinking, as I have in the past, “I’m too young” or “my bones are fine” or “I’m already taking meds for that.”

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Earthing for Hormone Balance

Spring, spring, spring, the earth is warming here in New England. I find myself drawn to wandering around the leaf strewn yard in my bare feet. (Especially since my husband has so carefully cleaned up the dog doo…)

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The Change

I have been thinking about all of us women entering into this amazing life-changing transition called perimenopause and menopause or, the change. And I have noticed some things about us that I wanted to share with you.

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