One Bowl Meal: Arugula-Quinoa-Tempeh Bacon

This one-bowl-meal uses three nutrient rich foods to make a light but filling meal. Combined with the fabulous Grapefruit Chia Dressing, it’s a beatiful to look at and even more beautiful to eat. 

Tempeh bacon

I like to have a few staples in the fridge so at least one meal a day I can toss together in a few minutes.

Arugula-Quinoa-Tempeh Bacon

  • 1 package Tempeh Bacon – pre-crisped in a pan, just waiting to be added to a soup or salad – this is my favorite form of fermented soy. If it doesn’t work for you try toasted nuts or seeds, or left-over broiled fish.
  • a pot quinoa – precooked the day before for adding to soups and salads
  • some pre-washed arugula or other green makes it so easy to make a salad
  • homemade Grapefruit Chia Dressing, or use extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and vinegar or lemon
  • red cabbage – quick to slice as needed to salads for color and nutrients. I try to keep at least one deeply vibrant vegetable on hand at all times to add to salads – like red or yellow peppers, watermelon radishes, beets, and carrots.
tempeh bacon cooking

In a big salad bowl place this quantity for each person:

2 handfuls of arugula

3 strips of tempeh

1/2 cup cooked quinoa

small handful of thinly sliced red cabbage

dressing to taste

*toss lightly, taste, add more dressing as needed, and eat!

By my estimates a small salad has about 18 grams of protein in it! And everything is this dish is low cal and nutrient rich, hormone balancing and taste bud tingling.

Precooked Quinoa
Salad before mixing