8 Reasons to Eat Your Veggies

I have been known to sit down and eat a big bowl of steamed brussels sprouts or broccoli all by myself. Yum.

After steaming and tossing them with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, they are one of the quickest and most satisfying meals I can make.

A meal of veggies can be very filling, cleansing, and healing. Especially when you are trying to reset after traveling, taking a holiday or vacation, or a general slip-sliding lapse into overindulgence of some sort.

I recommend having veggies with some protein and fat for lunch and dinner, and then experimenting with having just veggies the evening. You might find you sleep better and feel lighter and more energetic in the mornings.

There are lots of good reasons to eat multiple servings of veggies per day, especially in quantities of a pound or more – here are 8 of my favorite:

1. Super hydrating – and more fun to eat than guzzling from a water bottle. When you utilize veggie’s extra hydrating powers they can make you feel and look lighter and years younger.

2. Indulgence – veggies are low calorie – you can eat as much as you like! No one gets fat overindulging in vegetables, even with a splash of olive oil or grass-fed butter.

3. More bang for your buck – veggies have more nutrition per calorie than any other group of foods. Even groups like Weight Watchers are recognizing their value by awarding most veggies 0 points, even the starchy ones like winter squash and root veggies.

4. Best prevention strategy – eating more veggies lowers markers for chronic disease and helps prevent hormonal havoc, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and premature aging…

5. Great for detoxing body and brain – veggies contain enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber that are kind to the liver, digestive system and other organs. Eating veggies can help you release toxins and maintain a healthy metabolism. Of course, certain veggies are best to get organic for the best effect, such as celery, green beans, peppers, and all leafy greens.

6. Least environmental impact – even when you consider the impacts of agriculture and shipping, veggies are friendlier to our earth and your body than processed foods and meats. Local veggies have the lowest negative impact of all.

7. Better BM – let’s face it, constipation is no fun, and is a major cause of hormonal havoc. Veggies come with prebiotic fibers that help support a healthy gut ecosystem, and with fiber that helps to keep your bowels moving and scrubbed clean.

8. Better sex…WHAT?!! Yes indeed ladies – when you super nourish yourself with colorful veggies such as beets, you increase blood levels of nitric oxide, which increases circulation throughout your whole body, including those all important sex organs.

So, based on the information I have just given you, doesn’t it make sense to eat more veggies?

Your mission over the next week is to include 1 more serving of veggies than you are already eating – 1 cup of any veg, cooked or raw, or two cups of raw salad greens.

Include fruits like tomatoes and avocados, and fungi like mushrooms…

And if you would like some guidance on how to do this in the most easy way possible, join me for the 5-Day Challenge – Eat. Your. Veggies.

You’ll learn how to make eating veggies one of your favorite indulgent pastimes.